APKA is the best driving school! Great prices and great instructors.Instructors are very very calm. They provide a safe learning environment for teen drivers. I highly recommend APKA as the best way to obtain your license.


APKA DRIVING SCHOOL IS THE BEST IN THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA AREA! my instructor was AMAZING. I signed up for Behind the Wheel Training for Adults. He had little tricks & formula’s to remember how to pull into a parking spot, how to back out & also how to make a really smooth turn with TOTAL control of the car. I went into the lesson super nervous, but i got comfortable quickly. He didnt yell when ii kept making the same mistake over, he just helped me get it right! I DID. I believe that after this next session I will be ready to take the DMV road test. THANK YOU SO MUCH APKA! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Katara Mahdi

First of all i want to say thanks my very very patient and understanding driving instructor, since i know myself to be quite difficult to deal with sometimes. Like everyone else i was searching for Driving School around my area manassas / centreville, basically price shopping. I came across APKA Driving School and called them, the guy sounded very friendly and reasonable, so i booked an appointment for Behind the Wheel Training for Adults. He showed up on time, great attitude, and NO PRESSURE! I would definitely recommend APKA driving school.

Kelly Smith

I had a fantastic experience. The instructor was nice and very laid back. He was patient and was very helpful. I definitely would recommend APKA Driving School!

Sarah Casey

APKA DRIVING SCHOOL Was the best experience ever, I really thought it would be stupid and talked about things I already known. But actually it was very fun he doesn’t yell at you , when you make mistakes he just corrects you. And he actually talks to you so it’s not awkward at all ! It’s a very nice calm no telling atmosphere and you learn a lot you’ll come in thinking you know everything but actually he teaches you a lot and great techniques to make you less nervous when you have to merge or any other road challenge you come upon ! Muhammad Waqas ! Is the BESTT!!!

Tiara Alexander

I had a great experience with my instructor. I was able to practice a little more with someone experienced everyday for 7 days. I would definitely recommend anyone no matter how old you are to go here. And my instructor made sure you were in a comfortable driving setting and in area’s you were familiar with and if not you would soon be familiar with those areas. And it was a comfortable setting, you could ask any questions you had. it wasn’t completely quite the whole time. And one of the best parts is you can start right away, there wasn’t a waiting list. Also they’re very flexible with the time and days that you’re available. Thanks APKA!

Tori Christian

I brought my daughter to Apka for driving lessons because after checking out a lot of other schools in the area Apka was the most professional that I found. The instructor was very patient with my daughter. She had a fear of driving as a result of being in 2 accidents as a passenger and quickly overcame that fear because the instructor taught her confidence and great driving skills. The experience was great and we would both highly recommend Apka for anyone!

Laurie Grant

APKA was definitely the right choice to make. I improved as a driver over the 7 days, without a doubt, but more than that it was a stress-less experience and truly made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I went in pretty nervous about certain aspects of my driving, but we worked on all my weaknesses, and everything was very comfortable. Plus, it’s super easy to find a schedule that fits you!

Roshni Gorur

Excellent driving school!! The teacher(s) are calm and encouraging and they make it safe to make mistakes. The low prices are the best part.

Travious Goines

APKA is definitely one of the best schools in the area. The instructor was very good and calm and composed. He teaches you exactly the way you understand and gave me excellent tips and tricks. He made the whole experience stress less and very comfortable. Overall a great experience and would definitely recommend APKA to anyone.


My experience with this driving school was amazing! The instructor was very nice and properly explained the right method and techniques of switching lanes, parking, and proper steering. I highly recommend APKA!


No doubts is the best place to take driving lessons, great instructor, always in time and they give you all the tips and things you need to know in order to improve your driving skills!

Carla Mere

APKA is amazing! It is the most affordable driving school in fairfax county. Muhammad is so friendly and made me feel so much more comfortable driving. I was able to get my license in 7 days. I recommend APKA to anyone who needs their license or wants to take driving lessons. I have absolutely no negative complaints!!!

Carly Samuels